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The Clean Answer is Sympol, Here’s Why!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Introducing Sympol Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

It all began with a clean mission. The Sympol founders recognized that using some sanitizers frequently lead to dry and cracked skin. We knew that if we worked hard enough we could create a new formula that would show that clean should feel good and smell great. The experience of using hand sanitizer has generally been accompanied by unpleasant smell and dry, irritated hands. So we set out to find ingredients that could fix these common issues. From this mission, Sympol Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer was born.

The Aromas

The first order of business was developing great aromas that would mask the naturally strong smell of ethyl alcohol. This is no easy task but we rose to the occasion. Our team of highly-skilled chemists was able to identify many plant-derived oils that could be used to not only provide great aromas but also effectively moisturize hands too. Product development has been so much fun for us because we love testing new formulas for beautiful aromas to share with you all. Each aroma we provide has been carefully crafted to leave your hands smelling good without smelling too powerful and without leaving behind a sticky residue. We currently offer five aromas: spring blossom, lavender, grapefruit, peppermint, and tea tree. We are formulating more aromas so stay tuned for what’s to come! For those who can’t use aromas, we have an aroma-free hand sanitizer that is just as moisturizing and nourishing. In fact, we guarantee that those with dry and sensitive skin can use it with 100% satisfaction. Might come off as surprising, but we welcome you to see for yourself.

The Feeling

Discovering our perfect aromas through plant-derived oils played a key role in developing a hand sanitizer with a smooth texture that nourishes the skin. Our goal was to create a proprietary oil-blend that would be so decadent that it would make our sanitizer ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin. As you may already know at this point, we are driven to achieve our goals. Through our many trials, we were able to identify a balanced formula that truly cleans and soothes dry skin. Alcohol is a drying agent and that is why normal hand sanitizers will dry out your hands. The Sympol formula was uniquely created to eliminate the drying effects of alcohol by introducing deeply nourishing oils.

Our formula uses 70% ethyl alcohol which is 10% more than the CDC recommended formula. Providing a product that will be as effective as possible without compromising the nourishing components is important to us. Sympol provides a powerful clean and our proprietary oil-blend compliments the clean with nourishment. Your hands need your precious oils to stay soft and hydrated. Now more than ever hands are being overly-dried and dehydrated and this is where Sympol comes in to make a difference. We must keep ourselves and our communities healthy by taking necessary sanitary precautions and Sympol has figured out how to do so while keeping your clean hands healthy too.

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The Availability

We all know hand sanitizer is being used abundantly. It is important that we do our part to maintain healthy and clean routines. As we saw an increase in hand sanitizer usage we identified our role in supporting our community; providing high-quality hand sanitizer at an affordable price. The market has many luxury hand sanitizers which are great, but we wanted to make a luxury hand sanitizer that is more accessible. We offer many sizes and bundles so our customers can find what fits their clean needs and means.

Our Background

Our foundation is built on healthcare backgrounds, manufacturing expertise, and a desire for change. One of the founders comes from a chemical manufacturing company and he recognized an opportunity for improvement within the hand sanitizer industry. He then pivoted into developing and manufacturing Sympol. Another one of our founders is in his last year of medical school at UCLA and two other founders met in pharmacy school. This team joined forces to create the smooth and clean sanitizing formula known as Sympol Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. Our team members have young, creative, and ambitious minds that are determined to improve the world around us. We are incredibly proud and excited to share Sympol with you.

Our Clean Guarantee

When we say Sympol is the clean answer we mean that Sympol is the best hand sanitizer because of its highly-effective cleaning power that gives you the healthiest hands. Our facility is FDA inspected, meaning Sympol is clean from end-to-end. We have created a hand sanitizer that is Sympol-y the best.

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