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The Best Uses for Each Hand Sanitizer Size

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Which Hand Sanitizer Size is Right for You?

Sometimes when given too many buying options people will struggle with decision making. I know that may sound hard to believe considering the appearance of store shelves. Take Target’s makeup section as an example, there are hundreds of black eyeliners that are quite similar. It can be fun to try different brands and formulas to figure out which one is best. Yet, it can be a hassle to narrow down your hundreds of options to find the right fit. There are many hand sanitizer formulas and sizes on the market currently. Sympol Products decided to produce four retail hand sanitizer sizes because they all fit a specific need. In this article I will highlight the specific needs our four sizes meet so you can identify which size is best for you. Let this article serve as a guide to show you the ideal uses and locations for each hand sanitizer size.

Oh the Places You’ll Go

The 2oz bottle is easily the most transportable hand sanitizer size. That is why smaller hand sanitizer sizes are referred to as “travel size” bottles. Anywhere you go, you can probably fit this bottle––unless your dress has no pockets and you’re leaving your handbag at home. In this day and age, you should probably make sure you can bring this little hand-saver along. Speaking of traveling, another great use for 2oz bottles is for hotel accommodations. Imagine how sweet it would be to arrive in your hotel room and see complimentary hand sanitizer. This gesture would be a great way for hotels to protect their guests and show that they care. Precautions taken by hotels are being considered greatly as traveling begins to increase again.

Hotels are not the only ones who should be giving the gift of clean, moisturized hands. You should give that gift too! A travel-size hand sanitizer is a great addition to a holiday gift bag. Instead of picking one big gift, make a gift bag with a few thoughtful gifts. Adding a luxury hand sanitizer to your next gift bag will show your friend that you are thinking about their health. We love a considerate friend.

Small hand sanitizer sizes are great for sampling the product before purchasing a larger size. Sometimes 2oz bottles will be labeled as a “trial” size for this reason. If you are particularly picky with your aromas it might be a good idea to buy a couple of 2oz hand sanitizers. This way you will be able to find your perfect aroma. If you want to create your own signature scent, a smaller hand sanitizer size can be great for layering aromas.

A Portable and Sustainable Queen

4oz bottles are a great option for those who want a small hand sanitizer size, but they know the 2oz is not enough product. If you go through hand sanitizer quickly then it is good to purchase a larger size. By purchasing a larger size you will save money in the long-run and reduce plastic waste. Sympol chose a sleek 4oz bottle so it will fit well in many locations. It is a great size for medium to large purses or tote bags, making it the ideal hand sanitizer size for moms. This bottle also fits well in car cup holders and door cubbies so you can sanitize on-the-go.

Your Work BFF

This hand sanitizer size is where pumps become a necessity. Sympol introduces pumps on our 8oz hand sanitizer for convenience. This hand sanitizer size is perfect for a work desk. Shared workspaces are often germy environments. It’s smart to have this easy-application hand sanitizer readily available. If your office has a front desk, you should probably put one there too.

The convenience of a pump makes this size great for cars. The 8oz bottle is perfect for a cup holder or door cubby. Suggestion: keep your 2oz bottle in your purse and your 8oz pump in the car. Having hand sanitizer in multiple locations will help make sure you are never caught without your hand sanny.

The Bigger the Better

You are probably familiar with “value” size items. You get more bang for your buck when you purchase a value size item. Symbol offers a 16oz hand sanitizer for money savers and places with many hands to sanitize. Aside from the economic benefit of buying larger sizes, there’s also a psychological benefit. No FOMO. In the spring of 2020 hand sanitizer was hard to come by. Purchasing hand sanitizer in bulk can potentially ensure that your house will be stocked with high-quality hand sanitizer in case of emergencies.

Hallways and entryways are perfect locations for this size bottle. Essentially, this hand sanitizer size is ideal for any public space that has multiple people coming and going throughout the day. It should be placed at the entrance of an office building or retail store or even at a cash register

Time to Shop

You may have noticed multiple sizes fit your different needs. This is why we are offering bundles! The Sympol office bundle comes with an 8oz and a 2oz bottle so you can have your 8oz pump at your desk and your 2oz in your bag. The business bundle includes a 16oz and a 2oz hand sanitizer.

Sympol offers larger sizes upon request. Bulk and wholesale orders can be placed by contacting a sales representative. Now that you have a better understanding of which hand sanitizer sizes suit your needs, it’s time to start sanitizing. Thank you for protecting your health and the health of those around you.

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