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The Benefits of Gel Hand Sanitizer

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In order to provide the best sanitizing experience, we are dedicated to conducting industry research and delivering information to you. This article contains information from multiple scientific journals and the CDC to establish credibility beyond our expertise. There are many forms of hand sanitizer on the market right now. Because of the many formula options available currently, this article will highlight the benefits of gel hand sanitizer formulas. Keep reading if you would like to hear why Sympol chose a gel formulation and why science supports this decision.

Apply Generously With Ease

Hand sanitizer formulas will be comparatively effective if they contain 60% alcohol or more and are used properly. The CDC warns that people may compromise hand sanitizer efficacy by not using enough product. It is essential for proper sanitization that users apply enough sanitizer to coat the hands and wait for them to fully dry before touching anything. When using a gel hand sanitizer it is easy to ensure you are fully coating the hands. It is directed by the CDC to disperse the amount of product directed on the hand sanitizer label to one palm and then rub your hands together until dry. Make sure to clean in between fingers and under fingernails.

Gel hand sanitizer formulas make it easy to coat your hands well. The consistency of a gel sanitizer allows you to identify if all areas of your hands have been properly cleaned. A research study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection concluded healthcare workers overall preferred gel and foam hand sanitizers. In this study, liquid hand sanitizers are identified as less favorable due to difficult handling and application. Additionally, liquid hand sanitizers dry very quickly. This can make it difficult to know if you sanitized your hands thoroughly.

Nourishing Formulas

The thicker consistency of gel hand sanitizer allows the product to deliver more ingredients to nourish your hands. The moisturizing and hydrating proprietary oil blend in Sympol Hand Sanitizer is created to leave your hands feeling soft and healthy. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published research that concluded liquid formulas dry quicker, but gel formulas were significantly better for skin tolerance. Sympol Hand Sanitizer was carefully crafted with sensitive skin in mind. Those with dry and sensitive skin deserve high-quality hand sanitizer that will soothe their hands.

Liquid hand sanitizer is praised for drying quickly and leaving behind less residue than gel formulas. So, let’s talk about this residue. A good gel formula should leave behind a hydrated and refreshed feeling. Gel sanitizer should not be leaving behind a sticky or slimy residue. When a hand sanitizer gel is formulated with the right amount of high-quality ingredients, there will be no residue left behind. Instead of feeling a residue, you will feel a soft, hydrated skin texture. If you are using a hand sanitizer that is leaving behind a sticky residue, it is time to try a new hand sanitizer!

Pause and Refresh

A gel formula takes a few more seconds to dry, which to some may be a drawback, but to us, it’s an invitation to pause and enjoy your aromatic experience. Although the gel dries slower, in the long run, a more effective sanitizer is well worth the wait. In a busy-bee world, it is important to remember to pause periodically. Maybe next time you are sanitizing your hands you can appreciate those few extra seconds. Take a deep breath and have a mindful moment thanking yourself for making healthy choices.

Thanks for Sanitizing

We hope you can make an informed decision about which hand sanitizer formula is right for you now that you have some facts and links to other helpful resources. Your health and the health of those around you is our priority at Sympol. So, thank you for sanitizing. Your hands will thank you too if you try Sympol Hand Sanitizer. Stay safe and stop the spread!


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