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Introducing Sympol Products Hand Soap

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Sympol Hand Soap Has Arrived

Sympol set out to improve the hand sanitizer industry by creating a hand sanitizer that nourishes the skin and leaves hands smelling great. Now we are improving our hand care line by introducing hand soap! As you may know, if you read our previous blog How and When to Clean Your Hands, hand soap is key to maintaining good hand hygiene. Although hand sanitizer has many places to shine, washing hands with clean water and hand soap is the most effective hand cleaning technique. Washing your hands with soap and water actually removes germs and grime from your hand. Hand sanitizer kills germs but does not remove them from the hands. For this reason, we decided to give you the best of both worlds. Both hand sanitizer and hand soap are necessities in maintaining health and hygiene.

The Aromas

Our products are known for having beautiful aromas. This will be consistent across all of our product lines, except for our No Added Aroma products of course. The hand soap aromas are carefully crafted to make your hands smell amazing but without overpowering your senses. Our formulas have the perfect amount of aromatic natural oils. We are launching our hand soap line with four unique aromas: Honeysuckle, Eucalyptus, Vanilla, and Lavender.


Sweet honeysuckle nectar balances fruity and floral with a hint of honey. This delicate aroma is uplifting and playful.


Mind-clearing eucalyptus refreshes the senses with notes of pine and mint. This aroma is invigorating and energizing. Yet, it is known for its ability to reduce stress. Eucalyptus gives us stress-reduction with a boost of energy.


Decadent warm vanilla is inviting and enticing. Vanilla is a classic aroma adored by many. Sympol values using the highest-quality natural ingredients when possible, so we use real vanilla. Many vanilla aromas are synthetic, but not ours! You will be able to tell the difference once you smell ours. Natural vanilla oil is light sensitive so you may see the soap change to a rose gold color, very cool right?


This soft woodsy floral is known for its soothing sensations and calming aromatic experience. You are probably familiar with this relaxation legend. Lavender is used for a number of reasons including topical use to soothe skin, as an edible addition to foods and drinks, and as a calming agent in aromatherapy. We chose to use this crowd favorite to create an aroma focused on relaxation.

The Formula

Our aromas come from plant-derived oils which play a key role in developing hand soap and sanitizer with a smooth texture that nourishes the skin. Our goal was to create a proprietary oil-blend so nutrient-rich it makes our sanitizer and soap ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin. Sympol hand soap is unique because it balances its powerful cleaning with skin-soothing goodness. It will effectively wash your hands and leave them feeling smooth and moisturized.

Creating a hand soap formula that is gentle and soothing but also a powerful germ killer was no easy feat. We discovered that our formula needed to be a liquid gel to be the best hand soap. Although foam hand soap is becoming increasingly more popular, liquid hand soap has proven to be more effective. The American Journal of Infection Control published the report, “Foam soap is not as effective as liquid soap in eliminating hand microbial flora.” This report synthesized the data from three separate experiments with two different brands of foam hand soap. The findings are “that nonantimicrobial foam soap was not as effective in reducing hand bacterial load as the liquid soap.” Sympol values providing you with the best hand cleaning products, so we decided to make liquid soap instead of foam.


Our company aims to make high-quality hand cleaning products accessible. This means making premium hand sanitizer with skincare benefits and lovely aromatic experiences. This also means making hand soap with the same standards and pricing both of these products affordably. In an effort to make our products even more accessible we are offering bundles soon! We already offer hand sanitizer bundles with two sizes in one bundle for a reduced price. Now we are launching a full hand cleaning bundle with our hand sanitizer and hand soap. Sympol is the one-stop-shop for your hand cleaning needs.

Bundles are also a great way to test new products. Say you want to test the aromas of lavender and honeysuckle hand soap, but you don’t want to purchase two hand soaps. You can get the lavender hand sanitizer and honeysuckle hand soap bundle. This way you can still test both aromas without buying more hand soap than you currently want to order. We can always use more hand sanitizer!

Time to Shop

We are proud of our hand soap and excited for you to try it! Our soaps are available in 2oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, and one-gallon bottles. Grab a 2oz to test each aroma or a gallon to refill your empty bottles. Our wide size range is intended to provide you with all of the sizes you could possibly need. Make sure to get your hands on some!

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