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How Does Hand Sanitizer Moisturize?

Ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol) is the most common alcohol used in hand sanitizer production. Ethanol has a drying effect on the skin even though it is used in cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. When it comes to skincare for your face, you want to use smaller amounts of alcohol due to the potential long-term drying effects. When it comes to hand sanitizer, you need a higher percentage of alcohol to ensure your hand sanitizer is effective. In order to combat the potential drying effects of alcohol, moisturizing ingredients need to be in the formula. Aside from killing the germs on your hands, alcohol also helps other ingredients penetrate the skin better. Ethanol is known as a topical penetration enhancer which means it increases transdermal delivery of certain ingredients into the skin. When moisturizing and hydrating ingredients are in the skincare formula along with alcohol, the alcohol may help the beneficial ingredients penetrate the skin.

Moisturizers - Essential oils

Plant oils act as moisturizing ingredients by creating a seal on the surface of the skin which prevents water from escaping. They also make skin feel smoother to touch and relieve feelings of dryness. The moisturizing ingredients found in Sympol hand sanitizer and soap are plant oils. Our essential oils all contribute to creating a moisture seal around your hands. We use specifically pure essential oils to avoid additives and synthetic ingredients that could cause inflammation. Pure essential oils have other great benefits too. Some essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus are known for promoting claiming energy and stress-relief. The uplifting aromas provided by essential oils create a delightful sensory experience that can actually make you feel better. Humans naturally respond positively to smells they enjoy. Think about the gross generic hand sanitizer that smells like rubbing alcohol. That smell makes most people cringe. Now think about the feeling your favorite candle or perfume provides.

Why We Use Our Essential Oils


As stated above, lavender is used in aromatherapy to promote calming. Topically, lavender has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation.

Tea tree

Tea tree oil is one of the most notable antiseptics in “alternative” holistic medicine. It fights bacteria and inflammation.


If you are feeling congested, peppermint is great for sinus-clearing aromatherapy. The aroma promotes clear breathing. The natural menthol provides a cooling sensation on the skin. If your hands are feeling irritated, this hand sanitizer is great because the cooling feeling is super soothing.


You already know eucalyptus is used in aromatherapy as a stress-reliever, but its benefits don’t stop there. Topically, eucalyptus oil is noted to provide pain-relieving qualities for some people. So this is another great oil to use on irritated hands.


This bright citrus aroma is loved for uplifting energy. If happiness had a smell it would definitely smell like a bright citrus orchard. Grapefruit oil has potent antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. We want our hand sanitizer to be as effective at germ-killing as possible so we love ingredients like grapefruit oil!

Hydrators - Humectants

Hydrators are ingredients known as “humectants.” Glycerin and aloe vera are humectants used in Sympol hand sanitizer. Humectants absorb water from the atmosphere or your skin and hold it in place on your skin. In skincare products, glycerin is often used with moisturizing agents to trap the moisture that it draws into the skin.

Glycerin has emollient properties which means it also helps fill in and smooth skin. One downside to glycerin is that it can feel sticky when used at high concentrations. If you are using a generic hand sanitizer that feels sticky, that company probably puts too much glycerin in their formula.

Aloe vera is unique due to multiple benefits aside from hydrating the skin. The enzymes in aloe act like a mild exfoliator which makes it a great addition to cleaning products. Aloe is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is why people often use aloe to treat burns, acne, and dry skin.

Why Use Both

Using hydrators and moisturizers together can help make sure you are covering your bases. If you want hydrated and soft skin the answer is always to use both. Use a humectant to attract water and a moisturizer to trap the water in place.

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