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Best Gifts Under $25 That Show You Care

This holiday season looks different from any holiday season we’ve experienced before. Although we won’t be able to celebrate with people outside of our households, we can still make sure to show our loved ones we care. One great way to show we care will be through the thoughtful gifts we give. Any gift given is thoughtful but there are some gifts that really go the extra mile. This holiday season financial hardship is more prevalent than ever. We don’t need to break the bank to show our love. Here’s a list of gifts under $25 that show you care.

Masks That Give Back

Masks are a necessity these days. We are seeing mask fashion continue to rise. It is super fun to match your masks to your outfits! Some mask manufacturers are donating masks or proceeds made from every purchase. For each mask purchased, Re/Done is donating five masks to frontline workers. Re/Done has a wide variety of masks ranging from $18-30. This gift will show you care for the gift receiver and show frontline workers some care too. Who What Wear has provided a list of 48 Face Masks to Buy From Brands That are Giving Back. Some of the masks on this list are over $25 but there is a wide variety of prices and mask styles.

Disney+ Subscription

This year we could all use an extra streaming subscription. This is just a theory but it is believed that the cuteness of Grogu (Baby Yoda) boosts serotonin. Giving the gift of Disney+ allows the recipient access to The Mandalorian, Hamilton, Moana, and so many other crowd-pleasers. A Disney+ subscription is $6.99 per month. You could give the gift of Disney+ for three months for just over $20.

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer and Hand Soap

Sympol Products’ line of moisturizing hand care is the perfect gift. Frequent hand cleaning often leads to dry and irritated skin. Sympol has created hand sanitizer and hand soap formulas that won’t irritate or dry hands. We recommend keeping a 2oz hand sanitizer and a 2oz hand soap with you when you are out in public. The hand soap in public facilities is usually harsh on the skin. By gifting travel-sized hand care products you are taking care of the gift receiver’s hands and helping support their health. Visit our shop page to select from our variety of products. All of our products available on our shop page are under $25!

Charity Pot

Dry hands also need lotion! Lush has a hydrating cocoa butter base that is thick and creamy. The greatest part of this lotion is that 100% of the proceeds from sales are donated! Lush donates these proceeds to small groups working in the areas of human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice. Every pot you gift is doing good for the gift receiver and for those working to make our world a better place. The convenient travel size retails for $7.95 online and in stores.

Lip Mask

On the note of dry skin, winter weather is especially tough on all skin. Did you know the skin on our lips is extra sensitive? Lip masks are a great way to combat dry lips! The LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner and a Sephora Best-Seller. This mask is $22 and is currently offered in seven flavors. Check out Sephora for mini lip masks and bundles!

Premium Filtering Water Bottle

A Better Brita® Bottle is made of hard plastic and comes in two sizes. The 26oz bottle is $19.99 and the 36oz bottle is $24.99. The 26oz bottle comes in 26 eye-catching colors. This is a great gift for your friend who uses wasteful plastic water bottles or the friend who still thinks drinking tap water is perfectly safe. This hassle-free water bottle “helps reduce the taste and odor of chlorine, as well as other contaminants commonly present in tap water.” It’s available on Amazon and on the company website

Reusable Straws

You have probably seen travel reusable straws and maybe you have even used them. Although a great idea, many of these straws have a minor design flaw. Five.Two Silicone Straws comes in a pack of TEN reusable straws bend into a compact travel pouch. The ability to bend your reusable straws into a travel pouch is a game-changer. This is another thoughtful gift because the gift receiver gets the best reusable straw experience and you are also promoting eco-conscious living. This pack is available on the Food52 website for $25. So it's not quite under $25 but these are worth it!

REI Lifetime Membership

A single payment of $20 buys a lifetime of benefits at REI. Members receive 10% off of almost everything in the store automatically (paid back in an annual dividend), access to members-only deals, deep discounts on REI classes, events, and adventures, and can vote on the company's board of directors, among other perks. This is the perfect gift for an outdoorsy friend or someone who needs a new healthy hobby. As we face strict stay-at-home orders, outdoor recreation is still permitted. Now is a great time to break in new hiking boots. Click this link to visit the Co-op Membership page.

LottoLove Scratch Off Cards

This unique gift is said to be a gift that’s a win for everyone. For every card purchased LottoLove donates to their charitable partners to fulfill their social mission of helping people receive: clean water, solar light, nutritious meals, or literacy tools. A two-pack of scratch-off cards is $20 on their website. Your friend who is posting mutual-aid resources and funds needing donations on their Instagram Story will LOVE this gift. This could also be a great gift for your children as an opportunity to introduce giving during the holiday season.

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