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Aromatic Oils: The Happy Effect of Aromatherapy

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

What Are Aromatic Oils and How Do They Help?

Aromatic oils are the essential oils that make Sympol Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer smell so great. Essential oils are plant extracts. They are made by steaming or pressing various plants to capture the compounds that produce aromatic oils. Essentially, aromatherapy at its core is the utilization of pleasant, natural smells to boost your mood and increase positivity in some regard. It works for each person in varying degrees and people will experience different benefits.

Scientifically speaking, the impact of aromatic oils is still under review. This is due to limited studies with differing results. In an article from John Hopkins Medicine Harpreet Gujral, DNP, FNP-BC at Sibley Memorial Hospital explained that "When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain." Even if you are not experiencing major benefits from aromatherapy, you can elevate your mood with good smells. This increase in positivity can make an impact on your health and overall wellness.

Bring on The Good Feels

Naturally, people are attracted to smells that make them feel good. We all have a specific taste in aromas. The perfume and home fragrance industries are booming because people love to have themselves and their environment smelling good. Olfactory processing can evoke memories too! Can you recall a specific smell from your childhood that makes you feel comforted? When I smell grapefruit I remember growing up eating grapefruit for breakfast with my grandpa.

Knowing that good aromas produce positivity, Sympol is dedicated to making sanitizing a positive experience. Hand sanitizing is essential to maintaining good hygiene practices. So, it’s important to make hand sanitizer that people want to use. You deserve a positive experience when you sanitize your hands. That’s why Sympol Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer has been crafted to provide a rewarding experience.

The Main Benefits of Our Aromatic Oils

We have carefully selected 100% pure essential oils to create our aromatic formulas. All of our aromatic oils have properties to help soothe the mind. They help alleviate signs of anxiety and stress. Aside from soothing your senses, each aroma has a unique set of benefits.


You are probably familiar with this relaxation legend. Lavender is used for a number of reasons including topical use to soothe skin, as an edible addition to foods and drinks, and as a calming agent in aromatherapy. We chose to use this crowd favorite to create an aroma focused on relaxation.


Peppermint is praised for increasing focus and sharpening the mind. The refreshing and invigorating aroma of peppermint stimulates productivity. It is the perfect aroma to help while working or studying.

Tea Tree

This powerful plant is raved about as a great natural cleaner. Its antibacterial properties make it a popular ingredient in skincare and haircare. As an aromatic oil, the tea tree awakens the senses with an energy-boosting rush.


This tasty fruit creates an aromatic oil that is bright and crisp. Those who use this aroma enjoy that it uplifts and brightens their mood. Grapefruit is often used in cleaning products to add a fresh citrus aroma to the formula.


This aromatherapy go-to is known for having a calming aroma. Eucalyptus essential oil is used to clear and relax the mind. Studies have shown that Eucalyptus oil is effective in helping lessen tension. Beyond aromatherapy, eucalyptus helps promote clear breathing and is used to relieve coughs. It is also used as a bug repellant, disinfectant, and cold sore soother.

Create Happiness

Happiness is created by making intentional choices. Choosing to surround yourself with aromas that make you feel good will increase your mood. Aromatherapy may affect everyone differently, but everyone benefits from good smells. You can seriously increase your overall positivity by incorporating your favorite aromas into your daily life. Sympol currently offers five unique aromas so you can find your perfect match. People often layer fragrances to create complex aromatic experiences. Layering can amplify aromatherapy and create your signature scent. My signature sanitizer combination is Sympol Spring Blossom with Lavender. This aroma combination brings me joy. That is the purpose of aromatherapy. The process of sanitizing hands has never been such an enjoyable experience. Sympol Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer cleans your hands while making them smell and feel amazing.

Recommended Use

Keep in mind that this product is still a hand sanitizer. Although our aromatic oils are 100% pure, our hand sanitizers are not purely aromatic oils. Sympol Products has crafted the best smelling hand sanitizer on the market, but it still smells of ethyl alcohol upon initial application. The aromatic oils smell best after a few seconds of rubbing in the hand sanitizer. We do not recommend sniffing or deeply inhaling the aroma until the ethyl alcohol has had a few seconds to dissipate.

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