At Sympol, we develop our hand care products with sensible elegance as our guide for quality and appearance. We choose to strictly use pure and natural ingredients that are certified and research-supported. We provide our packaging and marketing with transparency so you know what you're using. We do this so you can feel confident Sympol will do the job all the time, every time.

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William Iyawe-Parsons knows credibility is everything. When he and his three partners—Khalid Namoos, Max Yeh and Tam Nguyen—created Sympol Products’ Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, they knew they had to be FDA registered and make the items pleasing for customers.

Sympol Products is keeping customers safe from COVID-19 by producing 10,000 gallons of moisturizing hand sanitizer each week in scent free and aromas like spring blossom, lavender, grapefruit, peppermint and tea tree oil. The key was to develop pleasing aromas that would mask the strong smell of ethyl alcohol.

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