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FDA Registered Hand Sanitizer

80% Natural-Grain Ethanol


the clean answer

is Sympol

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liquid hand soap

Quickly foams while naturally cleansing, moisturizing, and softening your skin. Available

in 4 aromas that we hope you enjoy!

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hand sanitizer

Gentle formula that leaves skin clean and smooth.

80% natural-grain alcohol that kills 99.99% of germs

that we offer 6 great aromas. 


we are a company that is creating a healthier, cleaner future. one where pleasing aromas encourage our community to help keep themselves and those around them healthy.

our skilled chemists formulated aromatic hand sanitizers that gently cleanse and hydrate to deliver healthy, reinvigorated skin. 

we are Sympol.

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Sympol is ideal for those who are looking for a smooth, aromatic, and moisturizing hand sanitizer and soap due to our 100% pure natural oils 

smell fresh. 

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